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Baraka comes from a nomadic race of mutants who live deep in the wastelands of the Outworld. He was the fiercest fighter in the warlike tribe, and his skills and ferocity gained the attention of Shao Kahn. The Outworld emperor made Baraka the leader of his armies of destruction. Baraka led an attack on the Shaolin Temple in Japan, and all the monks were massacred. Baraka earned the praise of his emperor, but also gained a deadly adversary in Liu Kang, who had represented the temple in the first Mortal Kombat tournament.

When Shao Kahn hosted the second Mortal Kombat tournament, Baraka was entered to oppose the Earth fighters. Using his deadly blades, Baraka slaughtered many opponents in his emperor's name. Unbeknownst to Kahn, Baraka had a secret agenda. In his position as head of Kahn's army, he had met and fell in love with Kahn's daughter Mileena. She was as devious as Baraka, and the two planned to overthrow Kahn and rule the Outworld as king and queen. They had hoped that Baraka would meet the emperor in battle and slay him, but this never occured. Their plans were further smashed when Mileena was murdered by her twin sister Kitana. Devastated, Baraka continued to feign loyalty to Kahn, waiting for the day he could take control of the Outworld in his late lover's name.

Baraka continued to lead Shao Kahn's armies on numerous campaigns. On one such occasion, he was assigned to quell an uprising of a renegade race in the Outworld's lower regions. Baraka's attack was brutally successful, and he returned in triumph. During his absence, Kahn had been able to enter and overtake the Earth realm. Baraka joined the battles that were raging on Earth, and it was there that he learned that Mileena was still alive. Rejoined with his companion, he began to neglect his duties, and his failure to apprehend several Earth warriors nearly resulted in Kahn's demise. Fearing for his life, Baraka and Mileena remained loyal to Kahn until his defeat by the Earth forces. They then turned on their former master and his troops and escaped Kahn's castle. The two then retreated back to the nomadic ruins that was the home of Baraka's race, planning for the day they would once again battle the Earth warriors.
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