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Cyrax was once a member of the Lin Kuei, a secret clan of Chinese ninjas. The Lin Kuei decided to force several of it's ninjas to undergo an entechment process, and Cyrax was turned into LK-4D4, the second of three cybernetic ninjas. He was programmed with orders to destroy Shao Kahn, and also to find and terminate the rogue Lin Kuei ninja Sub-Zero. Having lost his soul, Cyrax was able to escape detection by Kahn's extermination squads. He found and fought Sub-Zero, but was defeated and reprogrammed. Cyrax attempted to destroy one of Kahn's outposts, but malfunctioned and began wandering to try to find the Lin Kuei base. He ended up stranded in a vast desert, blindly searching. He was recently recovered from the desert, and may prove to be vital in the fight against Shinnok.
1. Mortal Kombat 3 2. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 3. Mortal Kombat Trilogy 4. Mortal Kombat Gold
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