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Thousands of years ago, Rayden and Shinnok waged a war that nearly destroyed the Earth realm. Rayden, the protector of the Earth, banished the evil Shinnok to the Neatherrealm and took his mystic amulet to prevent his escape. He buried the amulet deep within the Earth, built a temple over it's location and assigned four gods to guard the temple. Fujin was one of these guardians. He possessed the power of the wind, and his three counterparts possessed the powers of the earth, fire, and water. The four remained at the Temple of the Elements for untold centuries, guarding the amulet lest it be stolen and returned to Shinnok.

Time passed, and the temple was all but forgotten. However, an accomplice of Shinnok's learned the location of the temple, and hired Sub-Zero to defeat the elemental guardians and retrieve the amulet. Fujin was the first to challenge the ninja upon his arrival at the temple, and was soundly defeated. The other three guardians fared no better, and the amulet soon found it's way into Shinnok's hands. Thanks to intervention by Rayden, Shinnok was defeated once again, but Fujin was disgraced by his loss.

Fujin remained on the Earth realm even after his defeat, looking after things when Rayden was gone. He watched as the armies of the Outworld invaded the Earth, and forces led by Rayden pushed them back. He did not take an active role in the affairs of the Earth again until he and Rayden learned that Shinnok had taken over the Outworld and had set his sights on the Earth realm. He and Rayden, two of the last surviving gods of Earth, prepared for a final battle against the fallen Elder god and gathered a group of warriors to combat the menace. They were successful in repelling Shinnok, and Rayden was made an Elder god for his bravery. In gratitude for all his help during the crisis, Rayden named Fujin as the new Protector of Earth.
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