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Hwang's Weapon Data

Primary Weapons

Blue Thunder - Chinese long sword, given to Hwang by Admiral Lee Sun Shin when Hwang embarked on his quest to find Seung Mina. It was originally given to Shin in his youth by Seung Han Myong, Hwang's mentor. (Known in Soul Blade as Blue Storm).

Secondary Weapons
Nippon Blade - Longsword taken from Mitsurugi.

Mountain Breaker - Chinese longsword, the prized weapon of Hwang's master, Seung Han Myong. Han Myong offered Mountain Breaker to his pupil when Hwang embarked on his journey to save Seung Mina.

Thunderous Fire - Curved sword, made during the Yoh Period. Hwang took this weapon from Li Long after a grueling fight.

Falchion - Sword awarded to Hwang after a victory at the Colosseum.

Sword of Dawn - Mystical sword given to Hwang by Hephaestus after his defeat of Sophitia. It possessed magical powers, and parts of the blade seemed invisible.

Midas Blade - A solid gold sword Hwang found in Vercci's Money Pit.

Phantom - The strongest sword in Hwang's arsenal.

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