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Li Long's Weapon Data

Primary Weapons

Falcon - Li Long's favorite nunchakus.

Secondary Weapons

Snake Wind - Nunchakus that Li Long forged from the remains of Rock's weapon. Each handle of the Snake Wind boasts a long purple blade, in addition to intricatly carved decorative snakes.

Titan - Nunchakus with hammer-like ends, taken from Siegfried.

Phoenix - Nunchaku with a shackle attached, each handle posesses a long curved blade. Li Long forged it from the weapons he siezed from many swordsmen.

Steel Dragon - A curious weapon made entirely of steel, taken from Hwang.

White Tiger - Nunchakus with round, clubbed ends. Li Long took it from the Fighting Arena.

Asura - Oddly-bladed nunchakus taken from Vercci's Money Pit.

Twin Thunder - Incredibly powerful nunchakus.

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