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DOB: May 1

POB: Ryukyu Empire

Age: 24

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 126 lbs.

Blood Type: O

"It's been fun!"

Maxi was a carefree pirate from the Ryukyu Kingdom who sailed wherever the wind took him. One day he had anchored his ship at an Indian port to enjoy the night when a warrior named Kilik arrived searching for a ship to the west. Maxi was away when Kilik arrived, but his sworn brother Kyam was tending the ship while Maxi was gone. Kyam like Kilik because he had chosen their ship among the many in the port. He accepted Kilik as a guest providing Maxi agreed when he returned. As Kilik was waiting for Maxi to return, the weather grew stormy. As a strong wind began to blow, a mysterious ship approached from within a dense fog. The ship moored alongside Maxi's, and a host of monsters came from the ship and attacked Kilik. Without knowing the monsters' intent, Kilik held off the monsters, but Maxi's crew was devastated. Maxi returned to find Kilik battling the creatures. The two drove the monsters back, but as the monsters fled the giant Astaroth mortally wounded Kyam and pulled the Dvapara-Yuga off of Kilik as they withdrew. The Dvapara-Yuga was a magical object that prevented the "evil seed" that inhabited Kilik from taking over his body. Without the Dvapara-Yuga, Kilik lost control and attacked Maxi. Maxi managed to defend himself and was able to place the Dvapara-Yuga back upon Kilik. Kilik instantly lost consciousness.

Once the immediate danger was over, Maxi turned to his brother Kyam, who lay dying on the deck of the ship. Kyam told Maxi of Kilik's quest, and begged him to take Kilik west on behalf of the entire slaughtered crew. After making the request, Kyam expired in Maxi's arms. Having lost everything, Maxi pledged to take Kilik to the west and take revenge on Astaroth for Kyam.

Along the way, the two met a young female warrior named Xianghua who, unbeknownst to them all, held a sacred weapon herself. Xiangua was invited to join in their quest, and the three set out for the West. They traced the mystical sword Soul Edge to a castle in Germany, where they encountered the creature Nightmare. The three attacked the bearer of the Soul Blade, and quickly defeated it. However, from the fallen blade sprang Inferno, the powerful embodiment of the Soul Edge. Inferno fought savagely, and Maxi was mortally wounded during the battle. He watched as his two companions defeated the creature and destroyed the blade, ending it's threat forever. His friends came to his side, and Maxi passed away, satisfied in the knowledge that he was going to join his fallen crewmates.

Other Vital Information

Weapon data

Style: Shissen Karhadi

Family: Parents deceased, sworn brother Kyam and shipmates killed during battle

1. Soul Caliber
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