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DOB: February 6

POB: Holy Roman Empire

Age: 19

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 209 lbs.

Blood Type: A

"Blood...Darkness... Come unto me!"

No one knew where the azure knight, with his mysterious crimson eyes, had come from. He bore a huge sword in his malformed right hand, which he used to devour the souls of the innocent. Only the creatures of darkness which served it's cold blade were exempt from the destruction. The azure knight was Nightmare.

He had once been a human named Siegfried, who had scoured the continent for the Soul Edge. His search led him to an abandoned port town in Spain, where he stumbled upon the body of a dead pirate. Cervantes, the Soul Edge's former owner, had been defeated in battle by Sophitia and Taki. One of the twin swords had been destroyed during the battle, and the other one lay near Cervantes' body. Siegfried grasped the object of his search and was instantly enveloped in crimson hellfire. He screamed in pain as his skin was seared and his will was sapped by the evil sword. A huge shaft of light pierced the night sky as an explosion from the sword released the Evil Seed upon the world. It was at that moment that the creature known as Nightmare was born.

The release of the Evil Seed left the Soul Edge nearly powerless, so Nightmare needed to devour souls in order to rebuild the blade's power. He set about gathering an army of evil soldiers to gather the souls for him. He selected two evil creatures, Astaroth and Lizardman to be his right-hand men and lead the attacks. Many brave warriors defended the villages that Nightmare's forces attacked, but it was said that no one who gazed into the crimson eyes of Nightmare ever lived to tell about it. The latest firearms were also useless against Nightmare's power, as he cut a path of death and destruction all over Europe.

Even though he was almost entirely possessed by Soul Edge, there was still a part of Siegfried that governed Nightmare's actions. Thus, Nightmare's destination throughout the bloody campaign was the Black Woods near which stood Ostrheinsburg castle. Three years after the column of light was seen over the Spanish port, a small German village was attacked by Nightmare's forces. To the people he attacked, it seemed that Captain Cervantes had returned but in a far more evil form.

Nightmare had almost fully regained his strength when his army reached Ostrheinsburg castle. He set up his base there and waited for his minions to bring him the souls he would need. Alone, deep inside the castle, Nightmare reflected on the past. It was here that Siegfried had killed Sir Stefan, the master of the castle, the same way he had killed his father Frederick. Late one night, Nightmare had a dream in which his father appeared before him. Siegfried greeted Frederick, but was shocked when the apparition asked Siegfried to pierce him with the Soul Edge. Siegfried refused, and he found himself standing in front of his father's grave, wondering if redemption was possible.

Nightmare awoke to the sounds of battle. Three warriors, Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi had come to the castle looking for Soul Edge. The three engaged Nightmare in battle, and with the sacred weapons Kilik and Xianghua possessed, they were able to defeat him. With Soul Edge's grip on him weakened, Siegfried was finally able to break free from the evil influence, and thus Nightmare was destroyed. Free after years of possession, Siegfried vowed to atone for his past sins and undo the destruction Nightmare had caused.

Other Vital Information

Weapon data

Style: Possessed

Family: Unknown

1. Soul Edge/Soul Blade (as Evil Siegfried) 2. Soul Caliber
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