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Seung Mina's Weapon Data

Primary Weapons

Scarlet Thunder - A Zanba-toh passed down through many generations of the Seung family. Mina played with the large blade ever since she was a toddler, so despite it's considerable weight, she was able to wield it with ease. She took it with her when she ran away from home the second time.

Secondary Weapons

Tiger Fang - A bladed staff taken from the Shrine of Confined Demons.

Long-Handled Sword - Slender staff Mina took from Noto Castle's weapons store.

Nagamaki - A long-bladed staff given to Seung Mina by Li Long as an apology for attacking her.

Halbard - An ax-like staff given to Seung Mina by Hephaestus at the Eurydice Shrine.

Morning Star - A staff with a clubbed end. Seung Mina found it at the Ostrhinesburg castle.

Sickled Spear - A lethal weapon taken from Vercci's Money Pit.

Spiked Mace - A powerful weapon.

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