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Sophitia's Weapon Data

Primary Weapons

Omega Sword and Elk Shield - Forged by Rothion using sacred iron bequeathed by Hephaestus. With Sophitia's oracle in his thoughts, he put his heart and soul into forging the weapons. They served to protect and guide her during her quest, and reminded her that Rothion was by her side in spirit. They were named after the original sword and shield given her by Hephaestus.

Secondary Weapons

Gaea Sword - Powerful short sword given to Sophitia by Hephaestus after Rock's defeat in the New World.

Sword Breaker - Serrated short sword given to Sophitia by Hephaestus after she presented him with Voldo's weapon.

Fire Blade - Magical sword taken from Taki, it was powerful but tended to drain the user's energy.

Blue Crystal Rod - A rod awarded to Sophitia for her victory at the Colusseum.

Rapier - A fencing sword Sophitia took from the Money Pit's treasury.

Apollo Sword - A mighty sword given to Sophitia by a defeated Siegfried.

Valkyrie - A powerful sword, the ultimate gift from Hephaestus.

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