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Welcome to the Money Pit, a site containing information on the Soul Blade/Soul Calibur page. This page offers information on the characters, their weapons, and the games in the Soul Blade series. A quick note on the bios: As with many fighting games, the endings for Soul Calibur were a bit sketchy and many even conflicted with the others. While the aftermath of Soul Edge/ Blade was detailed for every character in Soul Calibur, the "official" endings (the ones that will define the characters for the next game) are not currently known. Therefore, every characters' Soul Calibur outcome is more or less my opinion, and should not be taken as actual fact from Namco. I made every attempt to be accurate and use as much of the characters' game endings as I could, but I obviously could not have everyone defeating Inferno so I had to do some speculating about who did what. With that said, I hope you enjoy this site!


Character bios - info on all the characters Weapon Room - data on each characters' weapons Games - Game information on Soul Blade and Soul Calibur


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