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Soul Calibur Stages

Silk Road Ruins - Hwang
Water Labyrinth - Yoshimitsu
Kunpaetku Shrine - Lizardman
City of Water - Siegfried
The Colosseum - Rock
Maze of the Dead - Seung Mina
The Adrian and the Fortress - Cervantes
Proving Grounds (Twilight) - Edgemaster
Chaos - Inferno
Palgaea Shrine - Astaroth
Hoko Temple - Taki
Ostrheinsburg Castle - Nightmare
Harbor of Souls - Maxi
Emperor's Garden - Xianghua
Proving Grounds - Kilik
Takamatsu Castle - Mitsurugi
Shrine of Eurydice - Sophitia
Valentine Mansion - Ivy
Money Pit - Voldo

All images taken from The Official Soul Calibur Site.
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