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Major Jackson Briggs was the commander of a top U.S. Special Forces unit. After the first Mortal Kombat tournament, Jax's commanding officers received a distress signal from Sonya Blade, the commander of a top-secret para-military police unit. Jax was ordered to find Lt. Blade, her unit, and Kano, a criminal Blade had been tracking. His search for Blade led him to the dark realm of the Outworld, where he found Blade being held captive by Shao Kahn. In order to free her, Jax was forced to compete in a tournament Kahn was hosting. When Kahn was defeated, Jax managed to free Lt. Blade and the two escaped the outworld through the portal Jax had entered.

Upon returning to Earth, both Jax and Lt. Blade attempt to convince their superiors of the Outworld menace. No one would believe their story, however, and Jax was forced to prepare for a possible invasion in secret. He fitted both his arms with indestructable bionic implants, and began stockpiling weapons. Within months, Shao Kahn invaded the Earth, and Jax was prepared. He led a group of Earth warriors against the Outworld invaders, and with the help of other groups managed to defeat Kahn and return the Earth to normal. After this incident, Jax's superiors commissioned he and Lt. Blade to create the Outworld Investigation Agency. Jax ran the exploratory division of the OIA, and they learned to open portals to other realms through science instead of magic. He led the Agency's first expedition into a mysterious new realm.

Some time later, Sonya once again dissapeared while tracking the last living member of the Black Dragon clan. Jax was assigned to find her, and when he did he discovered that the Earth faced invasion again, this time from the fallen Elder god Shinnok. Jax joined the group that had formed to combat this menace, and stood ready to defend the Earth once more.
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