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Age: 26

POB: Austin, Texas

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Lt. Sonya Blade is the leader of a special para- military unit within the U.S. army. She came from a long line of army officers, and her father had held the rank of Major before his retirement. Blade's unit was assigned only the toughest and most dangerous jobs. One such mission was the capture of the criminal Black Dragon organization and their leader Kano. Blade's unit tracked Kano to an uncharted island in the Pacific, where they were ambushed by an unknown force. Sonya, her unit and Kano were all captured and taken to a palace in the middle of the island. There, they came face to face with Shang Tsung , an ancient sorceror who claimed to be ruler of the island. He imprisoned Blade's unit and threatened to kill them all if Sonya did not participate in a tournament Tsung was holding on the island. Having no choice, Sonya entered the Mortal Kombat tournament, knowing the lives of her comrades depended on her success.

Although she fought well, Sonya did not win the tournament, and as a result her entire unit was massacred. She herself was taken hostage by Tsung's forces, and along with Kano was dragged to Tsung's true home, the Outworld. She learned that the Outworld was another dimension ruled by an evil dictator called Shao Kahn, who planned to take over the Earth by luring it's warriors into a second tournament. When the day of the tournament arrived, Sonya was chained up by Kahn's side in the fighting arena. She recognized several of the fighters from the previous tournament. Their was also another fighter Sonya knew, Jax, a friend of her's from the army. Jax rescued Sonya after the tournament's end, and after an unsuccessful attempt to apprehend Kano the two escaped back through the portal that had brought Jax to the Outworld.

Once they returned to their base, Sonya and Jax tried in vain to warn their superiors of the Outworld menace. They lacked proof, and were unable to prevent Shao Kahn from invading Earth. The Outworlders were successful in taking over the realm, and the Earth began to take on the characteristics of the Outworld. Sonya and Jax banded together with a group of surviving Earth warriors to combat the invaders. They were successful in repelling the Outworlders, and the Earth was returned to normal. After this disasterous incident, Sonya and Jax had no trouble convicing their superiors of the true danger of the Outworld. They were authorized to form the Outworld Investigation Agency, an organization devoted to protecting Earth against future invasions from other realms.

Some time later, Sonya was assigned to bring Jarek, the last remaining member of the Black Dragon, to justice. While on the assignment, however, Sonya learned of a new menace to the Earth realm, the fallen Elder god Shinnok. Abandoning her search for Jarek, she sought out Liu Kang and Rayden. The three of them banded together to protect the world once more.

Family data: Major Herman Blade, father; Erica Blade, mother; Daniel Blade, twin brother (deceased)

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