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Sindel was once the queen of Edenia, ruling by her husband Jerrod's side. Then one day, Shao Kahn invaded, killed King Jerrod and took control of Edenia, turning it into the desolate Outworld. Sindel was forced to become Kahn's wife, and her infant daughter Kitana was adopted as Kahn's daughter. Rather than spend eternity as Kahn's wife, Sindel comitted suicide. To prove his power, Kahn refused to allow her soul to leave the Outworld, and kept it contained in his palace.

Milennia passed, and Kahn struck a bargain with the fallen Elder god Shinnok. As his part of the bargain, Shinnok took Sindel's soul and tainted it with evil, then made it so that Sindel would be reborn on Earth at a certain point in the future. Shao Kahn commanded this not out of love for Sindel, but because her existance on Earth would allow him to invade the Earth realm.

Finally the time came when Sindel, now completely evil, was resurrected. She found herself alive and well again on Earth, and soon Kahn and an invading army came to greet her. The Earth became a dark extension of the Outworld, and Sindel took her place at Kahn's side as rulers over the combined realms. It seemed that Earth was doomed, but in truth Kahn's hold on the realm depended on Sindel's allegiance to him. Because of her importance, Sindel recieved a visit from Kitana, who had learned about her true past since Sindel's death. At first, Sindel did not believe the stories her daughter told her, but gradually Shinnok's spell wore off and she realized the truth. Sindel rebelled against Shao Kahn, thus breaking his grip on the Earth realm. This allowed a group of Earth warriors to defeat Kahn's armies. Kahn himself was defeated as well, and his long reign over the Outworld was ended.

Edenia returned to it's former glory, and Sindel was installed as queen with Kitana at her side. Several years of peace and prosperity followed, until a group of refugees was allowed into the realm. This group was discovered to be led by Shinnok, a power-mad Elder god who planned to take over the realm. He took over Edenia and killed Queen Sindel, plunging the realm into a new era of darkness.
1. Mortal Kombat 3 2. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 3. Mortal Kombat Trilogy
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