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Kitana was born 10,000 years ago, the daughter of King Jerrod and Queen Sindel of Edenia. At that time, Edenia was a beautiful and peaceful land, but when Kitana was very young it was invaded by Shao Kahn. Kahn's armies captured the royal family and had Jerrod executed. Sindel was brainwashed and made Kahn's queen, and the infant Kitana was adopted as his daughter. Edenia became a barren wasteland, closely resembling the nearby Outworld. Kitana grew up remebering nothing of Edenia's former glory or even her own true heritage.

Kitana became her father's personal assassin, and her favorite weapon were concealed fan blades. Her partner was Mileena, whom Kitana believed to be her twin sister. Mileena was in fact a clone created by the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung, and was grotesquely deformed. Kitana loyally served Shao Kahn for milennia, however, over the course of time, she learned the truth about her past. Knowing that she was the rightful heir to the Outworld throne, she began planning for the day she could overthrow Shao Kahn. This opportunity came when Shang Tsung lost control of the Mortal Kombat tournament. The competition had been an integral part of Shao Kahn's plot to take control of the Earth realm, and he quickly arranged for a second tournament to be held in the Outworld. Kitana entered herself in the tournament, a move which aroused Kahn's suspicions of her. Mileena and Kitana's childhood friend Jade were assigned to watch the princess for any sign of treachery. During the course of the tournament, Kitana met Mileena in battle, during which she defeated and apparently killed her evil clone. His suspicions confirmed, Kahn ordered his guards to arrest Kitana, and she was found guilty of treason by Kahn's courts. She managed to escape, but had no one to turn to and was forced to flee to the Earth realm through a hidden portal.

Shao Kahn was defeated in the tournament, but Kitana was forced to remain hidden on Earth. After some time, Kahn was successful in opening the portal between the Outworld and the Earth realm and invaded. Kitana watched as the Earth was turned into an extension of her former home. Realizing that her mother, Sindel, was the key to Kahn's invasion, Kitana knew she had to reach Sindel and turn her against Shao Kahn. Before she could do this, however, her hideout was discovered by Jade and Reptile, who had been assigned to find her. Reptile attempted to kill her, but Jade intervened and the two defeated the would-be assassin. With the help of Jade and the Earth warrior Liu Kang, Kitana was able to reach Sindel and restore her memories. Sindel rebelled against Kahn, a move which weakened his hold on the Earth and eventually led to his defeat.

In the wake of Kahn's demise, Sindel became the ruler of Edenia. With Kitana's help, she restored the realm to it's former greatness, and it became a beautiful land once again. Edenia's restoration would last only a few years, however. Tanya, the daughter of Edenia's ambassador, appraoched Kitana and Sindel about a group of refugees fleeing another realm. Sympathetic to the group's plight, Sindel allowed them to come to Edenia, and learned too late that one of their number was the fallen Elder god Shinnok. The evil Shinnok invaded Edenia through the portal Sindel had opened, and the land was soon overwhelmed once again. Sindel was executed, and Kitana was forced to flee once again. Her current objective is to locate her allies on Earth, and gain their support in her fight against Shinnok.
1. Mortal Kombat 2 2. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 3. Mortal Kombat Trilogy 4. Mortal Kombat 4 (N64 secret character) 5. Mortal Kombat Gold
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