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Cervantes' Weapon Data

Primary Weapons

Soul Edge - The ultimate evil weapons. Cervantes stole the mystical sword from William Adams, and was immediately possessed by it. He remained in the sword's thrall until he was defeated by Sophitia and Taki. During the battle, one of the twin swords was shattered, and the remaining sword was taken by Siegfried.

Acheron and Nirvana - Two swords that were probably booty from Cervantes' pirate days that he recovered from his beloved ship the Adrian. Acheron was an ordinary broadsword. Nirvana was an unusual sword that contained a pistol in it's hilt, and it was perfectly suited to Cervantes and his intimidating fighting style. After tasting the power of the Soul Edge, these weapons paled in comparison and left much to be desired.

Secondary Weapons

Main Gauche - Two slender swords taken from a ghostly doppleganger of Cervantes.

Defender - Broad swords taken from the Eurydice Shrine.

Jirotoh - Long, almost staff-like swords taken from Hwang.

Katana - Two ninja swords procured from Mitsurugi.

3 Bladed Edge - Diamond-shaped blades taken from Li Long.

Heavy Lance - Two unique weapons taken from the ruins of Ostrhinesburg Castle. One was a slender short sword, the other was a short trident-like weapon.

Serpent's Tongue - Two sickle swords.

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