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DOB: Unknown

POB: Ohmi, Japan

Age: 25

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 117 lbs.

Blood Type: A

"Evil! Begone!"

Taki was orphaned at an early age and was brought up by a ninja master named Toki. She was trained in the ways of the ninja by Toki, whose clan lived in seclusion. Taki grew into an expert spy and a great schemer. Many among this clan have extraordinary abilities that have been lost or forgotten by the general population. Being blessed with supernatural powers of her own, Taki decided to travel throughout Japan to conquer the evil demons who threaten ordinary people. To aid her in this task, Taki forged her own weapons with love and care, her favorite of which is the short sword Rekkimaru, which also held supernatural powers. During this time of civil war, many military commanders employed ninjas, but Taki works for herself.

One day, Toki suddenly summoned all the ninjas of the clan for a meeting. Toki told the assembled ninjas that Hachibei, who had once led the ninja clan with Toki, had stolen the spiritual ninja-to Mekkimaru and had run away with his daughter Chie. By the clan's law, the two were now nuke-nin, or ninjas who had left the clan without permission. Ninjas were not permitted to leave their clan until they died because of the clan secrets. The clan were responsible for the nuke-nin, and were to execute them as soon as possible to protect their secrets. In accordance with the code, Toki ordered the ninjas to hunt down Hachibei and Chie, kill them and return the Mekkimaru. Although this was the normal course of action, something in Toki's eyes made Taki suspicious of her foster father for the first time.

Hachibei proved to be a hard man to find, as his skill for remaining hidden had been the finest in the clan. Taki, with her sixth sense and massive intelligence network, eventually found a few leads. Chie had been Taki's childhood friend, and by following a slight trace of Chie, Taki was able to locate Hachibei. The two were running a small stall on a vacant road. An extraordinarily strong man named Li Long was living with them at the time, so Taki waited to confront Hachibei when the old man was out. Hachibei was surprised to see Taki at first, but his face soon filled with relief and he handed the Mekkimaru to Taki. Hachibei then revealed to Taki that Toki had been possessed by madness and that the Mekkimaru controlled the ninja lord now. It was for this reason that the ailing man had taken the sword and left.

Even though Taki had her suspicions about Toki, she still found it hard to believe that the dull blade Hachibei held in his hands had extraordinary spiritual powers. Hachibei explained, through heavy coughs, that if Toki came in contact with the Mekkimaru again that he would kill Toki. He gave the blade to Taki and begged her to keep it away from Toki. The old man's trust caused her suspicion of Toki to grow, and so she let Hachibei and Chie go free. She hid Mekkimaru where she was certain no one would find it and returned to the clan. When she returned, she fabricated a story about Chie's Chinese lover taking the sword and killing both Chie and Hachibei. When Toki heard this, he grinned and ordered the clan to pursue Li Long and kill him as well. When he gave these orders, Taki knew that Toki was no longer the man she knew. The only explanation was that an outside source was affecting the Mekkimaru, causing it to resonate with evil and warp Toki. Hearing rumors of the evil blade Soul Edge, Taki felt certain that this was the source of the evil and thus set out to find the sword and destroy it.

For some time, Taki had noticed that Rekkimaru, her favorite sword, had been acting strangely. It's once considerable power had weakened. When she had been called in to slay the Fury demons which had been confined at a temple, she was barely able to defeat them and seal the gates back. After the revelations with the Mekkimaru, Taki was certain that Soul Edge was affecting her own sword as well. Thus, she had two reasons for going after the legendary blade. Rekkimaru's loss of power proved to be a compass that led her straight to Soul Edge.

She tracked to sword to an abandoned port town in Spain. She arrived at the docks to find a weakened pirate standing over the body of an injured girl. In his hands was the demon sword Soul Edge! Before the pirate, Cervantes, could deliver the final strike, Taki called out to him and challenged him. Thus a battle like none Taki had ever fought began. Although she had been improving her armor for years, it was designed for fighting ghosts and lesser demons and began to crack under the strain. Her sealing spells proved useless and Rekkimaru had lost nearly all of it's power. However, Cervantes' battle with Sophitia had left him severely depleted and Taki eventually struck a fatal blow. The mad pirate shrieked in pain and slumped to the ground. Exhausted from the ordeal, Taki still managed to carry the wounded Sophitia away from the harbor. As they left, they heard an immense explosion of evil energy from behind them, which turned out to be the release of the evil seed.

Once a safe distance away, Taki removed the shards of Soul Edge that had riddled Sophitia's body and treated her wounds. She accompanied Sophitia back to her family, and then left for Japan with the shards of the Soul Edge. She hoped that with the destruction of Soul Edge, the hidden Mekkimaru would have returned to normal and Toki would be himself again.

When she returned home, Taki found that Toki was still under the evil influence. She was repeatedly attacked by Toki's assassins, which she easily defeated. However, she learned that their purpose was to steal the Mekkimaru, which meant that Toki knew that Taki knew of it's whereabouts. She quickly went to the spot she had hidden the sword and took it back to her home. When she had first returned home, she had attempted to bond a shard from the Soul Edge into Rekkimaru in order to restore her sword's power. However, they were resistant to eachother and would not join properly. But, when she tried the same trick on Mekkimaru, the two were immediately united and began to emit a dark aura. The aura was so dark that common people could sense it, so Taki closed it in it's sheath and sealed it with magic cards. Mekkimaru's power still shone through the magical seal, which led Toki's assassins right to Taki. She defended herself with her new blade, but she eventually ran out of power and was captured by Geki, Toki's right-hand man and highest ranking ninja. Exhausted from the relentless battle, Taki could do nothing as Geki took Mekkimaru and claimed it in the name of Toki. Taki warned Geki not to release the seal, but it was too late and his entire right arm was blown off by the dark shock wave that was released. Taki seized the moment, took the sword and ran past Geki's stunned assistants Gaki and Doki.

Thus Taki became a nuke-nin like Hachibei. Toki's assassins were powerful, and Geki, who wanted revenge for the loss of his arm, was the most dangerous of them. Taki was able to drive their attacks back, but she knew she could not hold out forever. Taki was bewildered as to why there was still an evil influence affecting Toki. Even Rekkimaru was still powerless. It was then that she remembered that Sophitia had only destroyed one of the evil swords called Soul Edge. Rumors reached her of a berserk knight that was ravaging Europe with an evil sword, and Taki was sure that the sword must be the remaining part of Soul Edge. Taki devised a plan to track down this Nightmare and pit the Soul Edge and Mekkimaru together in the hopes of destroying both evil powers.

However, her trip was delayed when the powerful ghost Gel-o-Fury gained enough power from the Evil Seed to break Taki's seals in the bamboo forest. He escaped and headed toward the Hoko-ji Temple in Kyoto, a great temple of madness constructed by warped ideals that would be the ghost final battleground. Taki used Mekkimaru to defeat the Fury demon, and decided to share her fate with Mekkimaru as she searched for Soul Edge. Realizing that Mekkimaru was a tremendous yet dangerous weapon, Taki wished that there was some way to control it.

Other Vital Information

Weapon data

Style: Musoh-Battoh-Ryu


1. Soul Edge/Soul Blade 2. Soul Caliber
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