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Taki's Weapon Data

Primary Weapons

Rekki-maru - Ninja sword. Taki made her own weapons and protective gear partly out of need and partly as a hobby. She created her most prized weapon Rekki-maru by incorporating supernatural powers in it's blade. It has proven many times to be a valuable partner in slaying demons.

Mekki-maru - Ninja sword that Taki found at a pirate's castle. Mekki-maru is a sword cloaked in mystery, and it is believed that it was the mystical sword stolen from Taki's ninja clan. Taki fused it with a fragment of Soul Edge, and it emanated an evil aura whenever withdrawn from it's protective scabbard. She handled it with great caution until she found a way to subjugate it into obedience. (Mekki-maru was Taki's third weapon in Soul Blade's Edgemaster mode).

Secondary Weapons

Iron Fan - Deadly weapon disguised as a Japanese fan. It too had mystical powers, and Taki used it to seal the spirits of evil demons.

Jutte - Sai-like weapon, Taki was awarded the jutte for her victory at the Fighting Arena.

Gaea Sword - Grecian short sword, taken from Sophitia at the Eurydice Shrine. (The Gaea sword was also Sophitia's second weapon in Edgemaster mode).

Kunai - Ninja sword found by Taki at Ostrhinesburg Castle.

Tanto - Short sword Taki found in Vercci's Money Pit.

Spirit Blade - Short sword that possessed great magical powers.

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