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Mitsurugi's Weapon Data

Primary Weapons

Korefuji - Mitsurugi's original katana. The Korefuji served him well for many years, but he eventually retired it in favor of Shishi-Oh.

Shishi-Oh - Katana. After being defeated by the Tanegashima, Mitsurugi began training even harder. During the intensive training, he became dissaisfied with his old sword Korefuji and replaced it with Shishi-oh, a katana with a longer and wider blade. He perfected many new sword arts with this katana, the Relic being just one of them.

Secondary Weapons

Onimaru - A sword known as the "life drinker," because it absorbed the vitality of it's user and converted it into attacking power. Mitsurugi found it at the Shrine of Confined Demons.

Iron Slasher - Long sword, a reward for Mitsurugi's help in defending the pirate's castle.

Kojiro's Sword - Extremely long legendary sword found by Mitsurugi among Li Long's possessions.

Water Moon - A Supernatural sword, awarded to Mitsurugi for his victory at the Fighting Arena.

Two Handed Sword - A sword with a long handle siezed by Mitsurugi during the siege of Ostrhinesburg Castle.

Falx - A curved sword Mitsurugi found in the Money Pit.

Murasame - A powerful katana.

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