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DOB: June 8

POB: Bizen, Japan

Age: 25

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 143 lbs.

Blood Type: AB

"The name's Mitsurugi! Don't forget it!"

Heishiro Mitsurugi, a young samurai known for his fierce fighting, was born a farmer's son in Bizen, Japan. Heishiro, a strong young boy, enjoyed farming. However, after many years of seeing his beloved farm ravaged by war, he became angry and discouraged. He decided that it was better to raid than be raided, so in the winter of his fourteenth year he threw down his hoe and took up the sword. Studying swordsmanship under a powerful Irakani clan lord, he was eventually hired as a mercenary. It was then that he took the name Mitsurugi, but he also came to be known by many others, such as the "Great Swordsman" and "The Guardian in this age of Civil War." His original fighting style and powerful attacks made him quite feared during battle. It was said of him that he mowed through foes "as if they were a field of wheat." His spectacular battlefield record earned him several commendations to the rank of officer.

Mitsurugi cared nothing for military glory, however, and rejected his military commissions. His only desire was for a worthy adversary. He eventually left the Irakani clan, much to their regret, to pursue a career as a freelance mercenary. In this capacity, he fought in every war in the land. During this time, he heard of a new weapon, Tanegashima: A matchlock rifle. Mitsurugi stared in disbelief as this new weapon wiped out the mighty Iakedo cavalry. For Mitsurugi, who made his living with the sword, this was an urgent matter. The advent of the rifle meant that wars would no longer be decided by the strong, and Mitsurugi would be out of a job.

Mitsurugi decided that he needed to find a weapon that was stronger than the rifle. He had heard rumors about the legendary sword Soul Edge, a weapon of considerable power. Mitsurugi theorized that if he could find Soul Edge, he could use it to overpower the firearm. Thus, he set out on a journey to find the Soul Edge. His first stop was Noto castle, a hideout for a band of Japanese pirates. Mitsurugi agreed to guard the castle at night in exchange for passage to mainland Asia. That night, Taki attempted to sneak into the castle, but was stopped by Mitsurugi. The following day, he rode with the pirates to China and began his journey west.

After months of travel, Mitsurugi ended up in Germany, where he joined a mercenary band led by Marquis Andre. One night, the Marquis force layed siege to Ostrheinsburg castle, the stronghold of Sir Stephan. The siege lasted for days, and Mitsurugi left to continue his quest for Soul Edge. He traveled all over Europe, but never found so much as a trace of the legendary blade. He still remained unaware of it's evil nature. Without a weapon superior to the Tanegashima rifle, Mitsurugi felt he could never return home. Irritation at his plight drove the proud warrior mad, and he chose one day to duel against the Tanegashima in front of a group of feudal lords. Despite his skill, the rifleman who opposed him bested Mitsurugi and he took a bullet in the chest. Utterly defeated, Mitsurugi realized he needed to study additional sword arts to match the rifle. During his study of new styles, he heard a story of a knight named Nightmare who possessed an invincible sword. Thinking this was also a weapon that could defeat the rifle, Mitsurugi set out again to find Nightmare and perhaps his salvation.

As he crossed Europe to find the sword, Mitsurugi encountered other warriors who were seeking Nightmare as well. It was from them that Mitsurugi finally learned of Soul Edge's true nature. He may have been desperate, but Mitsurugi would never rely on evil to win battles. Thus, he gave up his search and returned to Japan. If he was to find a way to defeat the Tanegashima rifle, he would do it through his own strength and skill.

Other Vital Information

Weapon data

Style: Tenpu-Kosai-Ryu

Family: Parents and siblings all taken by sickness

1. Soul Edge/Soul Blade 2. Soul Caliber
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