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Siegfried's Weapon Data

Primary Weapons

Requiem - After freeing himself from Nightmare's curse, Siegfried armed himself with a new Zweihander to replace the one he had lost in battle with Soul Edge. He used Requiem to slay demons on his path to redemption.

Faust - Siegfried's original Zweihander, lost during his battle with Soul Edge.

Secondary Weapons

Grimblade - A legendary ebon sword that once belonged to Sir Stephan. Siegfried killed Stephan for it, believing it to be the Soul Edge. Once he realized his mistake, he discarded it in the woods near Ostrhinesburg Castle.

Atlas Sword - Sword Siegfried found hidden in a column at the Eurydice Shrine.

Flamberge - Waved sword, awarded for Siegfried's victory at the Fighting Arena.

7 Branch Blade - A sword with seven smaller blades protruding from the main blade. It was presented to Siegfried as a reward for defeating Taki at the pirate's castle.

Hard Steel Blade - Large Chinese sword found with several stolen sword along the riverside. The swords had been stolen by Li Long.

Claymore - Traditional Scottish weapon, taken from Vercci's Money Pit.

Soul Edge - The ultimate evil weapon, taken from Cervantes' body after Seigfried defeated Soul Edge. The possession of the weapon turned Siegfried into the villainous Nightmare.

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