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DOB: August 25

POB: Palermo, Italy

Age: 46

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Blood Type: A

There once was an Italian merchant named Vercci who became obsessed with finding the legendary sword Soul Edge. Voldo was a loyal aide that assisted Vercci in his search. One of Voldo's many tasks was to contact the dreaded pirate Cervantes and enlist his aid in finding the sword. Vercci never heard from any of his contacts, so he decided to embark upon a journey of his own. While Vercci and his men were away, the Italian Wars broke out, preventing Vercci from returning home. To protect the treasure he had collected, Vercci built a large underground vault on a deserted island to house his vast wealth. He then had Voldo kill all the crew so that they could never reveal the location of the Money Pit to anyone. The Italian Wars ended shortly after the pit was finished, but Vercci died before he could return to Italy. Voldo buried him in the Money Pit, which was now lined with various traps. Loyal to his master even after Vercci's death, Voldo honored Vercci's last request and sealed himself inside the Money Pit so he could guard it forever.

Voldo went insane and blind from his years in the pit. His body, however, remained strong, and his talent for killing did not diminish. His only reason for being was to guard Vercci's treasure.

After two decades without any outside contact, someone finally tried to break into the Money Pit. Voldo drove them off, but not before learning that the warrior was looking for clues regarding the wherabouts of Soul Edge. Recalling the legendary sword his master had sought for so long, Voldo ventured out of the Money Pit for the first time in order to find the sword. He recalled the pirate Cervantes, the one he had hired so long ago to find Soul Edge. Tracking the pirate to a Spanish port, and learned that Cervantes had indeed found Soul Edge. Voldo challenged Cervantes, and fought him to a stalemate. Cervantes, realizing that he could not kill Voldo, banished Voldo to the ends of the earth. It took Voldo years to get back to the Spanish port, and when he got there Cervantes and Soul Edge were gone. Voldo returned to the Money Pit empty-handed.

When he returned, he found to his dismay that the Money Pit had been flooded by a storm. He did everything he could to drain the pit and save the treasure, but had to give up when an entire section sunk under water. Not long after his return, Taki entered the Money Pit searching for a note Vercci had left about Soul Edge. Angered that another would dare to violate his master's sanctuary, Voldo attacked the ninja. He was unprepared for her unique fighting style and magical weapon, and Taki managed to escape. As usual, Voldo kneeled in front of Vercci's coffin to report that the intruder was gone. This time, however, Vercci spoke to him.

Vercci ordered Voldo to follow Taki. He had sensed her dark aura and felt that she could lead Voldo to Soul Edge. Invigorated by the sound of his master's voice, Voldo set out again to find the Soul Edge. It was his hope that the sword could restore his master's life and return Vercci to his former glory.

Unfortunately, Voldo was no more successful the second time than the first, and he did not even find a trace of the Soul Edge. He was forced to return to the Money Pit again. He remains there, awaiting the time when he can finally bring the sword to Vercci.

Other Vital Information

Weapon data

Style: Self-taught

Family: Parents and four siblings killed through warfare

1. Soul Edge/Soul Blade 2. Soul Caliber

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