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DOB: April 2

POB: Ming Empire

Age: 16

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 101 lbs.

Blood Type: B

"I've got to win!"

Xianghua's story begins many years before she was born. The Chai family has been a strong family with a lineage of proud soldiers serving the Chinese nation. Once the eldest son in the family suceeded his father's estate, the remaining sons left the house to search for their independance. The second son of the house settled down in the town where the Ling Sheng Su temple was located, because the temple was considered to be one of the finest martial arts schools in China. The son was intent on following the traditions of the Chai family, which stated that all members of the family, whether male or female, must become skilled martial artists and serve the nation. His daughter, Xiangfei, was born in the town and attended the Ling Sheng Su school to learn the art of swordplay. Due to her diligent training, her skill soon surpassed even the monks of the great school. The fact that she was a woman, however, prevented her from being nominated to be the successor of the secret arts of the Ling Sheng Su sword style.

After her father passed away, Xiangfei began to train even harder, and soon fell in love with one of the monks of the temple named Kong Xiuqiang. Kong was the probable candidate to be the successor of one of the three treasures of the temple, the rod called "Kali-Yuga." Sadly, their love was forbidden. They kept it secret for many years, and it was not until the birth of their daughter Xianglian that the monks found out about their relationship. A candidate for one of the treasures could never sway from the true path, so when Xianglain was two the school drove her parents apart. The school adopted yound Xianglian, and her mother Xiangfei left the town heartbroken. Their sworn brother Han Dongxiu heard she was leaving, and told the depressed Kong to forge his own future now. With Han's help, Kong was able to sneak away from the temple and meet Xiangfei. He gave her a sword as proof of their love with the hope that they would meet again. He then returned to the temple.

Xiangfei left town and told no one her final destination. She was pregnant with her second child, but she did not tell Kong in the hope that he would focus on his candidacy for the Kali-Yuga. She returned to her noble family, and was able to join the ranks of the soldiers. It was there that she bore her second daughter, Xianghua. Xianghua was brought into the Ming family and was never told about her past.

Meanwhile, a crisis emerged at the Ling Sheng Su temple. The Krita- Yuga, one of the three treasures of the temple, was missing. Investigations traced the theft back to Kong and he was immediately driven from the temple, leaving Xianglian alone. Kong eventually traced Xiangfei back to her family, but was ordered to leave because knowledge of Kong's fate would break Xiangfei's heart. With no knowledge of his second daughter, Kong left the house for parts unknown.

Meanwhile, the temple continued to search for the Krita-Yuga. They suspected Xiangfei, but when her house was searched the only sword they found was an old one Xianghua was playing with. What they did not know is that this sword, the one Kong gave Xiangfei on the night she left the temple, was actually the Krita-Yuga in disguise. To prevent it's power from being abused and in case it was ever seperated from the other two treasures, the Krita-Yuga had the ability to change it's shape and sleep in silence. Only Kong, who had seperated it from the other two, knew this secret. After years of failure, the temple finally gave up it's search for the sword.

Xianghua grew up never knowing she had an elder sister, and by the time she was ten had acquired the basic arts of swordplay. Her mother's death drove her to train even harder, and by her sixteenth year her skill was such that she applied for a position as one of the royal guards of the Ming Emperor.

The Ming Emperor had searched for years for the legendary sword Soul Edge, but his past search parties had been unsuccessful. Irritated by the lack of progress, the emporer decided to send his royal guards as the third searching party. Xianghua's best friend Meimei, who was the Ming's Imperial Maid of Honor, heard that Xianghua was part of the search party and asked her to look for her brother, Li Long. Unable to refuse the request of her friend, Xianghua accepted the task.

Xianghua left for the quest with her keepsake sword in hand. She could remember her mother's last words, about how Xianghua had been born to complete an important task. She wondered if this might be it. The search party masqueraded as a traveling Chinese opera troupe to avoid suspicion about their true mission. Xianghua was chosen to be the star attraction of the troupe. As time passed, many of the members of the troupe dispersed to chase various bits of information. Xianghua left the group as well, chasing a rumor when she met Kilik. The young warrior had in his possession the other two treasures from the temple, although neither knew that Xianghua possessed the third. The trio set out for the West, where the Soul Edge was rumored to have been spotted. They finally arrived at Ostrinesburg castle in Germany, where they encountered the evil creature Nightmare. The creature indeed possessed the Soul Edge, and at once attacked the three warriors. It was then that Xianghua's weapon began to glow. Finally realizing the power they possessed, the three attacked Nightmare with great tenacity until the evil knight fell. However, the threat was not over. From Soul Edge, the monster Inferno came, with the power of all the souls it had accumulated over the years. The three attacked Inferno, but found it a difficult task to beat him. Maxi was severely injured during the fight, and later died. Kilik and Xianghua, however, were protected by the sacred weapons, and soon emerged victorious. The Soul Edge was destroyed, and Inferno was dispersed. Mourning the loss of their brave friend, Kilik and Xianghua left Ostrinesburg castle and returned home.

Other Vital Information

Weapon data

Style: Ling Sheng Su sword arts passed down from her mother

Family: Kong: father, deceased according to her mother; Xiangfei: mother, deceased. Xianghua does not know she has an older sister named Xianglian.

1. Soul Caliber
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