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DOB: September 3

POB: Unknown

Age: 3

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 209 lbs.

Blood Type: none

"Your soul's mine!"

Astaroth was created to be the perfect warrior by the grand priest Kunpaetku. Kunpaetku served the god of destruction Palgaea, who desired to possess the demonic sword Soul Edge. Astaroth was created in the hellish heat of Palgaea's shrine under the god's protection. Feeling hatred from the moment he was born, Astaroth was commanded to find Soul Edge at all costs. Kunpaetku had his own secret motives, however. He desired the blade so he could attain the status of a god.

Astaroth, with giant ax in hand, left the shrine in search of Soul Edge. A mighty and savage warrior, he soon came to the notice of an azure knight called Nightmare, who had in his possession the legendary sword. Nightmare offered Astaroth a position as one of his henchmen, and the giant accepted. Astaroth had no intention of remaining Nightmare's servant. When the time was right, he would slay the azure knight and take Soul Edge for his own. Unbeknownst to Astaroth, Nightmare planned to devour the souls of all his accomplices once he regained his full strength.

Astaroth and his new companion Lizardman proved to be perfect for Nightmare's unholy cause. The two slaughtered dozens of innocents so that Nightmare could feed off the souls and regain his strength at no risk to himself. Astaroth carried out the massacres like a cold-blooded executioner, much to the dismay of his other "ally," Cervantes, and also knew that she was linked to Soul Edge. He remained cautious of her, especially after Nightmare's army reached Ostrheinsburg castle, the destination of their journey.

One night, while Astaroth and his army of clay golems were on patrol outside the castle, Astaroth witnessed Ivy leaving the castle via an underground tunnel. Astaroth confronted Ivy, and a battle began. Despite her skill, Astaroth defeated her easily and left her for the golems to finish off. Feeling the time was right to confront Nightmare, Astaroth returned to the castle to find the possessed knight and claim Soul Edge. He reached the castle only to find that Nightmare was gone and with him all trace of the sword.

Astaroth searched for months for Soul Edge, but to no avail. The trail was too far gone, so Astaroth returned to the shrine. On the way, he received a vision from Palgaea that detailed Kupaetku's treachery and gave him a new set of orders. Kunpaetku greeted Astaroth once he returned to the shrine, and began to berate him for not finding the sword. In accordance with Palgaea's instructions, Astaroth grabbed the priest and dragged him down into Palgaea's dark domain. The two have not been heard from since....

Other Vital Information

Weapon data

Style: Gyulkus

Family: None, but there are many similar creatures

1. Soul Caliber
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