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DOB: Unknown

POB: Unknown

Age: 3

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 190 lbs.

Blood Type: Unknown

Style: Gyulkus

In his worries over the demonic blade called Soul Edge, Hephaestus, Greek god of the forge, gave many mortals sacred oracles and ordered them to destroy the blade. A total of twenty-four were chosen, one for each letter in the Greek alphabet. They came from all walks of life, from the captain of the royal knights to the daughter of a baker. Yet each were pious and could hear the voices of the gods. One of the chosen was a man named Aeon Calcos. Born in Sparta under the occupation of the Ottoman Empire, Calcos was a powerful knight gifted in the art of swordplay. Once he received the oracle from Hephaestus he wandered the earth in search of the evil Soul Edge.

One day he was wandering in a vast desert. His sight was fading and his mouth had been parched by the heat and the harsh sands. He cried out to Ares, god of war, as his remaining senses began to fade. He awoke sometime later and found himself lying on a bed in a dim room. He learned that a man from an oasis village had found him buried in the sands and had saved him from death. The village was frequently ravaged by looters, so Calcos chose to repay the man's kindness by teaching the villagers to defend themselves. However, after only one week, the Evil Seed that had been released from the Soul Edge in Spain rained down on the village and showered it's people with pure evil. In that moment, Aeon Calcos was transformed into a berserk monster and he proceeded to massacre the entire village.

Months passed, and a caravan crossing the desert brought back stories of an oasis that had been drenched in blood and gripped by terror. Many caravans had been lost since the night the Evil Seed rained down on humanity. The rumor spread throughout the land and eventually reached the ears of Kunpaetku, Grand Priest of the dark order Fygul Cestemus whose shrine lay hidden deep within the earth. Kunpaetku had plans for the creature who had caused this chaos, and sent out his henchmen to capture Aeon. The monster was bound to a huge boulder with several thick chains, but still violently resisted as he was taken back to the Palgaea shrine. Pleased with his acquisition, Kunpaetku ordered Calcos to be taken to the inner shrine where an experiment would be performed on Calcos. Days passed and the ritual was completed; What had once been Aeon Calcos had been born anew. His limbs were given immense power, his body was covered in scales, a reptile's tail hung behind him and his head was now that of a lizard's. The madness and the ritual had wiped Calcos' memory, but his body remembered how to fight. Kunpaektu, pleased with the results, decided to educate his creation thoroughly, and thus the once sacred warrior was transformed into a strong and loyal slave of the Grand Priest.

When he had been sufficiently trained, the Grand Priest ordered Lizardman to search for the demonic sword Soul Edge. And so, after three years of living in the shadows, Lizardman emerged from the bowels of the earth and appeared at the port of India. It was there that he, along with the giant Astaroth and the Grand Priest's army, attacked a warrior who possessed a weapon of great power. The warrior, Kilik held his ground against the demonic horde, but the rest of the people on the ship were slaughtered. The battle was joined by the ship's captain, Nightmare, who did possess Soul Edge. Realizing that they could not defeat Nightmare until the time was right, Lizardman and Astaroth offered their services to the possessed warrior to prepare for the time when they could take the sword. They served as Nightmare's right-hand men, and carried out the mass executions that delivered the souls to power Soul Edge.

Other Vital Information

Weapon data

Style: Gyulkus (Rapid Ares Style)

Family: Unknown, but there are many similar creatures

1. Soul Caliber
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